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Welcome to The Soulability Center!

Lima Bergmann

Are you ready to experience a more authentic and soul driven life? Have you ever wished you could live more intuitively, intentionally and invincibly? 

Hi! I'm Dr. Lima Bergmann

The Soulability Center is the resource hub for, and holds all of my courses and free resources to help you live by the guidance of your soul. Sign up for The Soulability Library for access to all of my free content in one place. Join my newsletter at the button below for updates!

To help you on your soul journey, I focus on four Pillars:

  • Your Ego - Who you think you are
  • Your Soul - Who you truly are
  • Your Love - How you relate to yourself and the world
  • Your Purpose - Why you're here

When you live a soul guided life you: 

  • Release the fears and limitations that keep you stuck or unfulfilled
  • Discover your true self so you can live a meaningful and authentic life
  • Unconditionally love yourself and have deeper connections with others (and your world) 
  • Blossom as you live your purpose

Have a look around and if you have any questions you can email

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The Soulability Quiz

Feeling stuck in life and you're unsure why? Take the Soulability Quiz and find out whether your life is being led more by your ego than your soul.  

The Soulability Library

Enjoy a variety of FREE resources to help you quiet your mind, connect to your soul, improve your relationships, and find your purpose. 

Affirmation Calendar

Discover the effortless power of daily affirmations. Say goodbye to uncertainty – each affirmation will uplift you and guide your soul journey.

Calming Tips Toolkit

This FREE Calming Tips Toolkit includes forty different tips and resources to feel calm, think clearly and stay connected to your soul.

Calming Practices

A deep dive into the free version of the Calming Tips Toolkit. Videos, exercises and practices to feel calm, clear and connected to your soul.

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